Patrician Vineyard

Patrician Vineyard is the perfect place to have your special event the facility will accommodate weddings/receptions, family reunions business meetings, retreats, lunches, company outings, etc.

Rental facility

In addition to the rental facility we offer vineyard tours, a pond, safe and secure walking area, picnic area, fishing, vegetables and much more. The vineyard has more than seven different types of muscadine grapes for your discovery and viewing. You obtain a sense of the various use of muscadine grapes for making wines, juices, jellies, etc. Muscadine grapes are generally ripe during the months of September and October of each year. You can experience and enjoy a family day of fun, laughter and fresh air. The experience of fresh fruit and vegetables. We offer the ability to relax in a calm environment

Duplex Townhomes

Office Space for Rent & Business Services for Hire


For more information call 1-910-628-0033

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